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the informed analysis and evaluation of literature


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As part of that effort, the city council of Budapest, which is dominated by Orban Fidesz party, will reportedly follow through on plans to remove a statue of the renowned Jewish literary critic and Marxist theoretician Gyorgy Lukacs, reported Le Monde.
Lapi<AEn>ski presents students, academics, and researchers with a collection of academic essays and articles providing commentary from Polish critics on the work of Czeslaw Milosz, a Polish poet, literary critic, essayist, and Nobel Laureate.
The Indian delegation comprised renowned literary critics Dr Shamim Hanfi, Dr Abul Kalam Qasmi and Dr Durdana Qasmi.
literary essays by writers, literary critics, journalists, artists, and
Sontag is survived by other insightful literary critics, but she is no less survived by her legacy, which has taught us to be open to non-American writing.
She focuses on some thirty-three female authors, a cohort whom literary critics both then and now have roundly dismissed as insignificant.
I wish the editors had devoted more space to thinking through the links between bibliography, editing, and close reading, since editors and bibliographers so often depend on close reading to argue their cases, and since literary critics almost always depend on the decisions of editors and bibliographers when analyzing closely the text of a work.
Harvest', founded by the current editor-in-chief, Ba Jin, in 1957, has nurtured a number of young Chinese writers since it began, with literary critics calling it 'a ladder towards literary success' and 'a window on China's contemporary literature for overseas readers.
In recent years, leftist historians and literary critics have begun to challenge the narrow definition of proletarian literature and the stereotypical view of the Communist Party that I have outlined above and that is implicit in many dismissals of Lawd Today
That was the work literary critics once aspired to.
For many in the tribe of literary critics, cultural studies is now the rage.
A new breed of literary critics is using evolution to explain literature - and to challenge intellectual orthodoxy.
One of the original members of the infamous Vicious Circle of literary critics and writers during the Roaring '20s, a hugely popular movie comedian, author of humorist books and beloved theater critic for the New Yorker, Robert Benchley's professional life was charmed.
In an era when social and literary critics are warning us about the electronic age's negative impact on reading and literature, it seems both ironic and refreshing that the queen of talk TV should be urging millions of Americans to put down their channel changers and go read a book.
The greatest and one of the liveliest Dutch literary critics of his time.