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the doctrine of realistic (literal) portrayal in art or literature

a disposition to interpret statements in their literal sense

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Laws must be based on utter certainty regarding the meaning of revelation; this leaves no room for juristic disagreement, which for the literalists is a sure sign of the fallible human element that must be excluded from the process of scriptural interpretation.
To continue to label them literalists is not only inaccurate, it gives them the edge in any argument.
It's one thing for biblical literalists, say, to campaign for MPs with similar views; everyone's ethics come from somewhere.
More important, literalists who have been attracted to originalism-including those whose attraction is instrumental--might want to take a closer look at the approach and its positivistic character before giving an unqualified endorsement to a theory that could just as well produce results anathema to their most deeply held (and biblically ordained) beliefs.
Haught argues that the new atheists are all explanatory reductionists (38-9): 1) they reduce, or try hard to reduce, all religious believers to scriptural literalists, dogmatic extremists, sentimental escapists, or fanatics who perpetuate human suffering; 2) they reduce the meaning of faith to mindless belief in whatever has no evidence; 3) they reduce the meaning of 'evidence' to whatever is accessible to natural science, thereby reducing the whole of reality to what can be known by science; 4) they reduce the idea of God to a hypothesis, which they think has been disconfirmed by the results of recent science.
Modernist Muslims have provided neither leadership nor a critical mass to change the community, while mistakenly dismissing literalists as being of no consequence.
The span of real time and biblical verse laying between the unbelievable in the Old Testament--the stuff McLelland calls saga--and the beginnings of rational truth depends on who you are, and is the battleground of the literalists and those of more rigourous thought.
Perversely, for the past 50 years, it is to the literalists, often called Salafi, that the West has looked to circumscribe 'threats to its interests' in the Middle East - emulating Cold War containment thinking.
Literalists who in times of trouble identify with the Psalmist will "hear voices" and "feel cut off," "isolated," and "betrayed by enemies" (143).
With some justification, Simpson criticizes as wrong headed and uncritical the thesis that exposure to Protestantism liberated readers and society, but his work founders when it comes to characterizing those who led the doomed opposition to the evangelical literalists.
These are not "creationists" or biblical literalists, mind you.
The biblical literalists on the Dover board went out and found a supplementary biology textbook published by creationists in Fort Worth.
In a bow to biblical literalists and other sceptics, Nof's group concluded: Whether this happened or not is an issue for religion scholars, archaeologists, anthropologists and believers to decide on.
What it does is grease the skids for biblical literalists by glossing over the real differences Americans perceive about what the Bible is, what it says, and what, if anything, its words mean for our daily lives.