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the doctrine of realistic (literal) portrayal in art or literature

a disposition to interpret statements in their literal sense

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However, within the broad group of Christians, Protestants (including those who generically refer to themselves as "Christian") lean toward the literalist view, while Catholics divide evenly between seeing the Bible as the literal word of God and saying it is a book of stories.
He warned Christians against literalist interpretation, on the grounds that it gave ammunition to their opponents:
Laws must be based on utter certainty regarding the meaning of revelation; this leaves no room for juristic disagreement, which for the literalists is a sure sign of the fallible human element that must be excluded from the process of scriptural interpretation.
I highly recommend it to innovators who are not biblical literalists.
To continue to label them literalists is not only inaccurate, it gives them the edge in any argument.
It's one thing for biblical literalists, say, to campaign for MPs with similar views; everyone's ethics come from somewhere.
And, indeed, both critics of originalism and literalists who urge originalism as an approach to constitutional interpretation have failed to identify the fundamental differences between the two approaches.
I also realized that the three models of Muslim society I developed following my previous travels to the Muslims world-the mystics who believe in universal humanism, the modernists who attempt to balance modernity and religion, and the literalists who adhere strictly to tradition-were note easily applicable to the American Muslim community, and new ways of thinking were needed.
But the literalists rejected American identity as irrelevant to their lives.
Unsurprisingly, he had to step around the biblical literalists who ran the Anglicandominated universities.
The span of real time and biblical verse laying between the unbelievable in the Old Testament--the stuff McLelland calls saga--and the beginnings of rational truth depends on who you are, and is the battleground of the literalists and those of more rigourous thought.
Perversely, for the past 50 years, it is to the literalists, often called Salafi, that the West has looked to circumscribe 'threats to its interests' in the Middle East - emulating Cold War containment thinking.
Literalists who in times of trouble identify with the Psalmist will "hear voices" and "feel cut off," "isolated," and "betrayed by enemies" (143).
With some justification, Simpson criticizes as wrong headed and uncritical the thesis that exposure to Protestantism liberated readers and society, but his work founders when it comes to characterizing those who led the doomed opposition to the evangelical literalists.
These are not "creationists" or biblical literalists, mind you.