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a Loloish language

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Loughborough: LISU [internal distribution to SCONUL].
The NNP spread in 1,985 square kilometres in Changlang district bordering Myanmar and declared a tiger reserve in 1983 is one of the largest sanctuaries for the big cats in India, while the magnificent animals have been facing serious threat posed by the illegal settlers (Yobin or Lisu community) in its core area.
Six years ago, the 58-year-old married Noon, a Lisu hill tribeswoman and together they put down roots.
6) In 2005 there were 155 teachers and workers in the school consisting of 65 Han (41 per cent); 68 Naxi (44 per cent), 17 Bai (11 per cent), 4 Yi (3 per cent) and 1 Lisu (1 per cent).
Eric Davies, MA, PhD, FCILIE MCMI, FRSA is director of LISU, a research unit at Loughborough University focusing on performance assessment and related management issues in information and cultural services.
Visits to several Hill Tribes - the White Meo (or Hmong), the Karen, the Lisu, among others - raised more probing questions.
Zhongguo minjian wenhua (di 9 ji) - minjian lisu wenhua yanjiu (Chinese popular culture [volume 9] - research on folk rituals) (Shanghai, 1993), 245-56; Jiang & Wu 1933b: 200; Hu, Zhonghua quanguo fengsu zhi, 2:6:23, 2:1:25.
Six years ago he married Noon, a Lisu hill tribeswoman and together they put down roots.
Under intense contact with the Lisu language, Anong has undergone radical changes, and the version of the language spoken by the handful of remaining Anong speakers is very different from that spoken forty years ago.
Its award-winning community-based programs at Lisu Lodge and Lahu Outpost in northern Thailand are fine examples of the success of this vision.
Mischa Berlinski originally intended to write an account of the real-life Lisu tribe of Thailand, but held scant interest in the project until he decided to fictionalize the natives and turned his research into a novel.
STV also commissioned LISU in 2000 to conduct the first ever survey of the views of users, ex-users, and nonusers of library services for visually impaired people.
Tan Shibao [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "Cong fojiao ruhua yu zhongguo chuantong lisu wenhua zhi xianghu yingxiang bianhuashi kan weilai" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
You might wish to check out the LISU website (via Google), the statistics can be brought up as an Adobe file.