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a Loloish language

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In his turn, A-pu, the Lisu cadre, forgoes his corporeal and land-bound wisdom, and buys into the frenzy for fast revenues and material affluence sans his ethical intuition of the humans' relationship with land.
As I scrambled up steep paths with my Lisu tour guide, he drank a lot of beer.
Under intense contact with the Lisu language, Anong has undergone radical changes, and the version of the language spoken by the handful of remaining Anong speakers is very different from that spoken forty years ago.
1) the shooting of the hunters Lisu (Palmer, 1994:23) (2) lama nya ana khu-a tigers TOP dog bite-DECL 'Tigers bite dogs.
Katherine Gillogly's examination of the Sam Muen Highland Development Project, argues that opium interdiction led to considerable economic and cultural distress among the Lisu people.
Mischa Berlinski originally intended to write an account of the real-life Lisu tribe of Thailand, but held scant interest in the project until he decided to fictionalize the natives and turned his research into a novel.
Oliver Byar Bowh Si is a lecturer in theology and ethics at the Lisu Theological Seminary of Myanmar.
In particular, since the 1980s, Christianity has grown rapidly among the Lisu people in Yunnan province.
The next study was called "Evaluation of Open Access Journal Experiment: Stage 2 Report," which was co-produced by the LISU Research & consultancy for performance management and Loughborough University for the Oxford University Press.
The Lisu of the Golden Triangle," by Claudia Simms and Thomas Tarleton, October 1987 (Article # 13241).
Tan Shibao [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] "Cong fojiao ruhua yu zhongguo chuantong lisu wenhua zhi xianghu yingxiang bianhuashi kan weilai" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
You might wish to check out the LISU website (via Google), the statistics can be brought up as an Adobe file.
Por otra parte, el estudio Millenium ha sido elaborado por un equipo de bibliotecarios y estadisticos profesionales de la Biblioteca Nacional de la Republica Checa, LISU (7), IPF (8), a base de las cifras presentadas por 29 paises de Europa Central y del Este (ECE) (9), la Union Europea (10) y EFTA (11), para bibliotecas de todo tipo: escolares, universitarias (terciarias), nacionales, publicas, especializadas (compartidas, por primera vez, en subclases) y otras bibliotecas importantes no especializadas.
Arrive at an elephant camp by lunchtime and spend the afternoon meandering through and alongside a river on the backs of these great animals to the village of the Lisu hill tribe, our stop for the night.
One printing company, a joint venture with an overseas Christian organization, has printed over 25 million Bibles since its founding in 1987, including Bibles in Braille and minority languages, such as Korean, Jingbo, Lisu, Lahu, Miao and Yao.