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a Loloish language

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In contrast, the Akha, Hmong, Iu-Mien, Lahu, and Lisu are perceived as more recent and hence illegitimate migrants.
Director Hu captures A-pu's image at this poignant juncture shortly after the Lisu leader has been "enlightened" by a technicist vision of livelihood based largely on a crude form of Western instrumental reason.
Zang-Mian toponyms include the Yi, Naxi, Bai, Lisu, Nu, Hani, Lahu, Jinuo, Zang, and Jingpuo languages.
Stakeholder Goal--There are at least 22 minority groups in Lijiang such as Naxi, Yi, Lisu, Miao, Zang, Hui, Zhuang, Bai, Dai, accounting for 58.1% of the population (excluding the majority Han community) at the end of 2005 (Lijiang Tourism Administration, 2010).
The villages are made up of tribal groups such as the Karen, Hmong, Lahu, Lawa and Lisu. Mildrodt said that coffee cultivation is helping these families make the transition from a rural village to a developing society.
Six years ago he married Noon, a Lisu hill tribeswoman and together they put down roots.
In Yunnan's south western mountainous regions where many ethnic minority people live, such as those of Lahu, Wa, Niha and Lisu origins, the ratio of young men to young women ranges from 4:1 to 10:1.
All of the bryophyte information used (except data from the most recent study, see below) was taken from University of Lisbon (LISU) and Porto (PO/PO-CIBIO) herbaria database which host c.
His text was 2 Peter 3:18, "Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ." Peter, Corm suggested, was not talking about "a once for all, let's have a little growth for today," but a call to make "continual advances" in faith and "not to stand still in the middle of our journey." But such a calling would not come easy, and to illustrate, he told the story of Lillian Hamer, missionary to the Lisu people in Thailand.
Cilem projektu bylo zautomatizovat podavani nastrihanych plechu pro lisovani zadnich krytu televizoru znacky Samsung do 2500 tunoveho lisu FAGOR, kde podavani plechu v lise si ridil sam lis za pomoci transferoveho podavani.
is available to buy direct from LISU, priced 21.99 [pounds sterling].
The Earth's Witnesses project will be supporting the work of Emerging Explorers like wildlife biologist Aparajita Datta, who is exploring the conservation challenges facing the tropical forest of India's Arunachal Pradesh region and the complex issues confronting the tribal Lisu people.
Priority languages Include: Acholi Amharic Arabic (Sudanese) Chaldean Creole Dari Eastern Kaya Ewe Falam (Chin) Fur Gan Haka (Chin) Ikbo Kachin Kakwa Khmer Kikuyu Kingoni Kono Kpelle Krio Kurdish (Sorani) Lao Liberian Pidgin Loko Luo Madi Maru Mende Mina Nepali Nuer Oromo Sinhalese Siym Sukuma Tamil Temne Tidim (Chin) Tshiluba Twi Ulghur Yalunka Zande Zomi (Chin) Bari Burmese Dinka Dzhongka Fanti Fula Hazaragi Hmong Kannadai Karen Kinyarwanda Kirundi Kuku Kurdish (Kurmanji) Lingala Lisu Mandingo Mara (Chin) Mizo (Chin) Moru Pojulu Rohingya Susu Swahili Tigre Tigrinya Uzbek Watchi Zonot (Chin) References
When I hiked the park over five days last May, I roamed the backcountry and hung out in villages of Lisu subsistence farmers, who account for most of the roughly 11,000 Indigenous people living inside Laojunshan's boundaries.
Rozbrelys' po lisu nazbyraly khmyzu Pidpalyly sosnu od hory do ny(zu) Oy ty Halyu, Halyu molodaya Pidpalyly sosnu od hory do ny(zu) 4.