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English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)

assessor who makes out the tax lists

moldboard plow with a double moldboard designed to move dirt to either side of a central furrow

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5 million in 2016 and the Lister family stake is worth at least PS110 million.
Once work is complete, the old library will be taken over by childcare and family support charity Lister Steps.
Plans for the restored building include generating new jobs and training opportunities, as well as hosting a licensed cafAaAaAeA@, an events spac an affordable childcare service provided by Lister Steps charity, a healthy food takeaway, a co-working space and facilities to help local people socialise, learn new skills and hobbies.
Lister of Ewloe Heath in Buckley, admitted assaulting Belinda Roberts on December 9 and harassing her between December 1 and December 12 by bombarding her with messages.
But Lister has now been slapped with Gateshead's first ever Criminal Behaviour Order and could be jailed if he steps out of line again.
If I send you "That child is not a guilty party in any way shape or form and your partner is not a guilty party in any way shape or form," he told Lister.
Two sets of twins, Michael and James Lister, and Katie and Edward Anderson are delighted after achieving a total of 44 A* grades between them.
In this role, Lister will assume day-today operations and leadership of the AMS business unit, which includes the DelStar Technologies business unit.
The cars follow on from an initial run of ten aluminium-bodied variants - now all sold out - production of which began in 2014 at George Lister Engineering.
Lister himself became something of a business pioneer in western Canada.
Sent over to Lister by Graham Holland, who does not intend to have any Derby runners himself this year, Sidarian Vega won the Champion Stakes at Shelbourne Park in July and had started this campaign with runs through to the final of the Gold Cup and semis of the Easter Cup at the Dublin circuit.
Stephen Lister, previously of global insurance manager Kane is hired by London-headquartered specialist insurance and reinsurance-linked securities (ILS) investments manager Securis Investment Partners to work in operations in its London office.
Brian Lister, one of the great unsung heroes of motor racing and humble creator of the legendary Lister Knobbly, died last week at 88.
British automaker Lister hopes to launch a hypercar that will challenge the fastest ones currently on the market and is looking for investors to build the car, which would sell for more than three million dollars.
Lister Motor Company, a United Kingdom-based automaker, has revealed details of the hypercar luxury concept vehicle.