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a security that has been accepted for trading by one of the organized and registered securities exchanges in the US

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But though the number of market-listed firms has gotten smaller, the firms themselves have gotten much bigger and older; the average market-capitalized value of listed firms has increased 10-fold and the average age of listed firms has risen 80%.
97 per share in the first three quarters this year, the highest among listed firms, reported the company yesterday (Nov.
Mumbai, March 3 (ANI): Reliance Industries, India's largest listed firm, on Monday said it is to absorb its 70 percent-owned Reliance Petroleum unit through a share offer, creating the world's largest refining complex.
Using inclusion on Fortune's annual list of "The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America" as a proxy for successful efforts in creating high workplace attitudes, we compare the market values of listed firms to the market values of nonlisted firms in the same industry matched on earnings.
The PSE identified the six listed firms with 'substantial' interest in the mining companies named by the DENR as follows: Benguet Corp.
With this move, the listed firms equity stake in KSA has been increased to 70% from 52.
The largest shareholder holds a median 70% of the votes in an unlisted firm as compared to only 24% in a listed firm.
PBI Benefit Solutions and Australian Vehicle Consultants," the listed firm said.
Under the current securities law, those who intend to acquire more than a third of shares in a listed firm in transactions outside a bourse must publicly launch a takeover bid, announcing in advance the number of shares it plans to acquire, the purchasing price and other details of the bid.
Shares in the listed firm on the Nasdaq Japan market will be traded on the successor bourse, with listing and trading rules being intact, the OSE said.
Economic Daily News: 127 listed firms buck slow season effects to report new sales highs in January
The swaps were made during the biannual exercise of re-composition of the free-float (shares held by public) market capitalisation based index of top 30 listed firms.
Some of the nation's largest listed firms will surely take advantage of the surging market to sell new shares either through rights offerings or private placements, so they can generate fresh funds for business expansion.