Liriope muscari

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Asiatic perennial tufted herb with grasslike evergreen foliage and clusters of dark mauve grapelike flowers

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FRAGRANT: liriope muscari can be planted in containers or a border
A little known herbaceous plant, flowering now, to put with it is the wonderful, mauve spiked liriope muscari.
Leaves have a purple tinge; liriope muscari - evergreen hardy perennial with glossy, bright, strap-like leaves.
Liriope muscari has metallic spiky foliage and blue flowers - perfect for edging flower beds and as a contrast to the bold leaves of bergenia or elephant ears.
One option is Liriope muscari, known as liriope or lilyturf.
One of the most valuable and rarely seen autumn flowering border plants that we have is the liriope muscari.
Liriope muscari is the most popular species and holds a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit.