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Synonyms for particulate

a small discrete mass of solid or liquid matter that remains individually dispersed in gas or liquid emissions (usually considered to be an atmospheric pollutant)

composed of distinct particles

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This system is based on a unique liquid aerosol formulation (Oral-lyn(TM)), which allows a precise insulin dose delivery directed in the mouth.
Discovery's lead development programs for its liquid aerosol Surfactant Replacement Therapy will focus on treating hospital or emergency room patients suffering from severe asthma and Acute Lung Injury.
The AeroSonic(TM) technology uses liquid aerosol IPA at room temperature that differs significantly from the hazardous hot vapor IPA used by older-designed vapor dryers.
Generex's proprietary oral insulin formulation is delivered using the Company's Rapid Mist(TM) device, a hand-held product which delivers insulin in a unique liquid aerosol formulation.
The AERx(TM) Liquid Aerosol Delivery System is being developed to deliver aerosols created from liquid drug formulations, many of which currently are available by injection only.
The AERx(TM) Liquid Aerosol Delivery System was designed to deliver liquid formulations of existing drugs without propellants.
In addition to its SmartMist(TM) Asthma Management System, which works with MDI canisters, Aradigm is developing the AERx(TM) Liquid Aerosol Delivery System.
In addition to the SmartMist(TM) platform, the company is developing the AERx(TM) Liquid Aerosol Delivery System, which was designed to deliver liquid formulations of existing drugs without the use of propellants.
Breathing apparatus - that respiratory protective equipment to protect against solid and liquid aerosols or irritant, dangerous, toxic or radioactive gases, full protection from the weather for firefighting.
He covers the organic chemistry if surfactants, fluid surfaces and interfaces, surfactants in solution in monolayers and micelles, higher-level surfactants structures (such as liquid crystals, continuous biphases and microemulsions), solubilization and micellar and phase transfer catalysts, polymeric surfactants and interactions, foams and liquid aerosols, emulsions, solid surfaces and dispersions.