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assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash)

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Summary: Banks in the UAE will have to hold 10 per cent of their liabilities in liquid assets starting next year in line with a new measure introduced by the country's Central Bank to ensure lenders keep sufficient liquid assets until Basel III comes into effect in January of 2015.
Given that household wealth is not perfectly correlated with income (Wolff, 1990), we paid special attention to parents' assets and used diverse measures of economic resources: income, net worth, liquid assets, and home ownership.
Thanks to its strong resources and a wide network of branches the bank was able to make the best of the current conditions to expand its investment and finance portfolio, and at the same time focus on strengthening its liquid assets to safeguard against any possible adverse consequences arising from the crisis.
H1: Those reporting less credit card debt, fewer negative bill-paying events, and less exhaustion of liquid assets will report less financial distress/more financial well-being.
collateral requirements, coupled with the responsibility to pay claims, force reinsurers to shift their investment strategies and portfolios to highly liquid assets.
During construction of our pool in 2002, we ran into a stone shortage for the pool coping, causing time delays that required the setting of the stone coping to be contracted out to another pool contractor, Greg Smith of Liquid Assets.
The liquid assets of Israel's richest totaled $24 billion, compared with $20 billion in 2003.
Nigel Richards and Phil Bowman, of Rugby, launched Liquid Assets less than a year ago - and the Barlestone-based company has already turned over more than pounds 500,000.
Nigel Richards and Phil Bowman of Rugby launched Liquid Assets less than a year ago and the Barlestone-based company has already turned over more than pounds 500,000.
1m mass affluent individuals with liquid assets of between pounds 30,000 and pounds 200,000 each at the end of 2002, up from 4.
Market analyst Datamonitor said there were about 4,200 ultra-wealthy people - those with liquid assets of more than pounds 5m - in the UK at the end of 2002.
Clients should have liquid assets outside of the FLP to pay their living expenses.
5 million from his pension fund and other liquid assets, Tang said.
2 million in total issues) reported that it launched its first mutual fund, Williams Capital Liquid Assets Fund, a prime money market fund.
In a similar kind of change in gears, Liquid Assets Brewing Systems of Santa Rosa, Calif.