activated charcoal

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powdered or granular carbon used for purifying by adsorption

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Additionally, management believes that the Derma System products have an even larger sales potential to institutions who presently use Thrombinar, Therevac and Liqui-Char.
Other branded pharmaceutical products, however, including Therevac and Liqui-Char increased 23% over 1993.
The vast majority of the increase was from growing Thrombinar, Therevac, Liqui-Char and the Company's Branded Vitamin products.
We believe that this acquisition represents an exciting growth opportunity for JMED, by leveraging a new broad universe of distribution for existing products like Therevac, Liqui-Char and Panthoderm.
Dennis Jones, chairman and CEO, in commenting on the company's second quarter and six months results, said, "Strong first quarter sales of our highly profitable hospital products, Thrombinar, Therevac and Liqui-Char continued into the second quarter.