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A waiter paused before their table and offered a salver on which were several cups of coffee and liqueur glasses.
Impatient to show herself in all her glory, Mademoiselle Cormon told Jacquelin to serve coffee and liqueurs in the salon, where he presently set out, in view of the whole company, a magnificent liqueur-stand of Dresden china which saw the light only twice a year.
Actually Madame Amphoux's liqueurs, which they only serve at the four church festivals
The faithful servant espoused his mistress's disappointment; he divined it, and he promptly carried away the liqueurs of Madame Amphoux, which were offered to a bachelor, and not to the husband of a Russian woman.
D'Artagnan will not have let slip an opportunity of drinking a glass of this liqueur, and at the same time leaving some trace of himself.
They went into the town and asked for two glasses of liqueur, at the counter -- as their friends must have done before them.
At first her complacency disturbed me, but gradually it became part of my life at two o'clock with the coffee, the cigarette, and the liqueur.
He ordered another liqueur brandy and gulped it down.
In 2009, the Fair Trade Spirits Company launched FAIR, a line of ultra-premium liqueurs and spirits made in Cognac, France exclusively from fair trade certified ingredients.
Cream liqueurs are more that just blends that contain Irish whiskey.
Gin sippers and thoughtful gift givers can rejoice as Lidl UK's new Hortus Gin Liqueurs are back on shelves nationwide this week.
Cordials and liqueurs have long been a staple on the backbar.
Among the varied products are liqueurs flavored with fruit, nuts, roots, flowers, spices and veggies; herbal concoctions; cream cordials; flavored whiskeys (which have taken a life of their own); amari; aperitifs and many one-offs.
Technavio has announced its latest market research report on the global liqueurs market, under its food portfolio.
Size selections, use of quality liqueurs, and a unique infusion process make them stand out from the crowd.