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United States journalist (1889-1974)

French physicist who developed the first color photographic process (1845-1921)

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Roosevelt expected Lippmann to respect the ground rules they had established over many years.
(2) In addition to Eastman, Paul, and Lippmann, McCarter focuses on John Reed and Randolph Bourne (p.
Lippmann's experience of the start of World War I was the beginning of a new focus on foreign affairs that would transform him into one of the world's most influential columnists.
Based on a study of his wartime correspondence and publications, this article aims to further document Lippmann's involvement in the Second World War's propaganda and psychological warfare network.
Lippmann supported the war, believing that it would demand more federal planning and therefore would accelerate social change.
The manufacturing methods and systems to produce Lippmann holograms are fundamentally different to the ones used for the conventional embossed holograms.
The understanding of persuasion--of affecting not only what Lippmann termed "the pictures in our heads" but also people's likelihood to believe and act--grounded decades of communication research.
Pointe Claire, Canada, March 19, 2016 --( Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components with corporate headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, and the company's President, Robert Miller, are pleased to recognize Helmut Lippmann, for more than 40 years of service within the organization.
Lippmann Milwaukee designed and completed construction on a custom plant for Lannon Stone Products' Lisbon gravel pit in Sussex, Wis.
Praised by William James, Lippmann was at one time assistant to George Santayana, later a researcher for the famous muckraker Lincoln Steffens, and went on to be a political columnist and foreign affairs analyst.
Synopsis: In 1914, Walter Lippmann was a brilliant young political journalist who published a book arguing that the United States had entered a period of "drift", a condition defined as a lack of control over rapidly changing forces in society.
Walter Lippmann learned about unemployment, trade, monetary policy, and fiscal issues from the likes of Keynes and Hayek.
Jacquelyn Lippmann, grandmother of the groom, and Ashley Verrette Bryan of Ocean Springs recited Scripture from Ruth and I Corinthians.