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a compact and sturdy saddle horse that is bred and trained in Vienna

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If you're familiar with the famous Lippizaners of Vienna's Spanish Riding School, you'll immediately recognize the closely related Andalusian.
In the twentieth century, Edvard Kocbek's poem "The Lippizaners" is a similar, if ironic call to national consciousness, and Ales Debeljak's "Bosnian Elegy" is one of many poems in the volume The Muses Were Not Silent, devoted to verse about the recent Balkan wars.
("The Lippizaners" has neither of these qualities, yet it is not only a major poem but an oblique survey of Slovenian history and a statement of Kocbek's vision and method.) "In a Torched Village," "Hands," and "Fishnet" resist the tendency to leap to the cosmic and either imply or earn their generalizations, and "Standing by a Vessel" offers a corrective to Wallace Stevens's "Anecdote of the Jar" or, for that matter, Keats's "Ode on a Grecian Urn." Kocbek's vessel is a jug.
It is dear from this brief selection from a large body of work that he embodied the ideal expressed in William Butler Yeats's "In Memory of Major Robert Gregory": "Soldier, scholar, horseman [at least in "The Lippizaners"], he / And yet he had the intensity / To have published all to be a world's delight." With the help of Kravanja, Biggins, and other translators, his achievement is now being more fully realized.