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Estructura y contenido de las madrigueras de Liomys pictus en la selva mediana subperennifolia, en la estacion de Biologia Chamela, Jalisco (Tesis de Licenciatura).
During October 2007, wild rodents of 5 species were collected from coastal Chiapas, Mexico: Baiomys musculus (southern pygmy mouse), Liomys salvini (Salvins spiny pocket mouse), Oligoryzomys fulvescens (fulvus pygmy rice rat), Oryzomys couesi (Coues' rice rat) and Sigmodon hispidus (hispid cotton rat).
89% de la mastofauna total, siendo la familia Geomyidae la mas abundante, representada unicamente por Liomys pictus con el 50% (26 individuos) del orden.
hantavirus Rodent species (common name) captured antibody-positive Zygodontomys brevicauda cherriei (cane rat) 50 4 Sigmodon hispidus (hispid cotton rat) 20 0 Oligoryzomys fulvescens (fulvous pigmy rice rat) 15 2 Oryzomys couesi (Coues's rice rat) 14 0 Mus musculus (house mouse) 9 0 Liomys adspersus (Panamanian spiny pocket mouse) 8 0 Oryzomys concolor (colored rice rat) 2 0 Proechimys semispinosus (silky spiny rat) 1 0 Rattus rattus (black rat) 1 0 Marmosa mexicana.
For analysis of differences with respect to body size of prey, rodents and shrews were divided into three size classes: >75 g (Geomys personatus, Neotoma micropus, and Sigmodon hispidus); 30-40 g (Chaetodipus hispidus, Liomys irroratus, and Onychomys leucogaster); <20 g (Cryptotis parva, Notiosorex crawfordi, Perognathus merriami, Peromyscus leucopus, and Reithrodontomys fulvescens).
Cuvier, 1829 121 Sciurus deppei Ardilla de C MA LR/lc Peters, 1863 selva Familia Geomyidae 122 Orthogeomys Tuza C MX A CR cuniculus Elliot, 1905 123 Orthogeomys hispidus Tuza C MA LR/lc Le Conte, 1852 Familia Heteromyidae 124 Heteromys Raton C SA LR/lc desmarestianus Gray, 1868 125 Liomys pictus Raton C MA LR/lc Thomas, 1893 126 Liomys salvini Raton C MA LR/lc Thomas, 1893 Familia Muridae 127 Baiomys musculus Raton C MA LR/lc Merriam, 1892 128 Neotoma mexicana Raton C NA LR/lc Baird, 1855 129 Nyctomys sumichrasti Raton C MA LR/lc Saussure, 1860 130 Oligoryzomys Raton C SA LR/lc fulvescens Saussure, 1860 131 Oryzomys alfaroi J.
2005 parasitando a dos roedores: Liomys irroratus Gray, 1868 y Peromyscus difficilis Allen, 1891 (Lamothe-Argumedo et al.
tenuipes, caso mas comun de autotomia caudal entre roedores, tambien es encontrado en Sigmodon hispidus (Cricetidae), Mysateles prehensilis (Capromyidae), Lagidium peruanum (Chinchidae), Proechimys longicaudatus (Echimyidae) y Liomys pictus (Heteromyidae) (Shargal et al.
Notable exceptions include works on Liomys (Genoways, 1973), Cratogeomys (Hollander, 1990), and a number of Brazilian bat species (Willig, 1983).
Taxonomy follows Musser and Carleton (2005), except Liomys is treated as being part of Heteromys as proposed by Hafner et al.
virginiana, Dasypus novemcintus, Liomys pictus, Urocyon cinereoargenteus, Canis latrans.
vexillata 2355 23 y 17 Liomys pictus Especie CNHE Distribucion Carolinensis 2298 Hidalgo huehuetlana Lamothiella 2304, 2305 Parres, D.
In addition to the above-listed modifications to the species list of Wilson and Reeder (2005), we here treat Liomys as being part of Heteromys, following Hafner et al.
The species pair of Oryzomys couesi and Liomys irroratus, which have almost identical body sizes, showed extreme niche complementarity sharing the same microhabitat but having a totally opposite activity pattern.