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United States chemist who studied the nature of chemical bonding (1901-1994)

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The earliest known public pronouncement of the Pauling Therapy was in 1991, when Linus Pauling and Mathias Rath, MD, examined a body of research and concluded that there was a connection between vitamin C and CVD.
7 milligrams of manganese, approximately 94 percent of the daily recommended intake for women, or 74 percent of the RDA for men, according to the Linus Pauling Institute.
That is the same Linus Pauling who was born in Portland and was a proud graduate of Oregon State University.
It must be true: double Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling said it was.
Vitamin E is associated with lipids, or the fats found in the blood, but it's mostly just a micronutrient that's going along for the ride," said Maret Traber, a professor in the College of Public Health and Human Science at OSU, and a principal investigator in the Linus Pauling Institute.
Other Society Nobel laureates: Linus Pauling (Oregon State University), chemistry, 1954, and peace, 1962; Theodore Schultz (South Dakota State University), economics, 1979; and George Olah (University of Southern California), chemistry, 1994.
In the 1970s, chemist Linus Pauling reported that vitamin C given intravenously was effective in treating cancer.
Traber, Director, Oxidative & Nitrative Stress Laboratory, The Linus Pauling Institute, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Corvallis, Oregon, USA.
Drake (Micronutrient Information Center, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State U.
Jane Higdon, PhD (deceased), Research Associate, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling is widely regarded as one of the greatest scientists of all time.
Vitamin C and its correlation to chemotherapy dates back to 1976, when chemist Linus Pauling reported that high doses of vitamin C, given to patients with advanced cancer, lengthened their survival times.
What achievement do Marie Curie, Linus Pauling, Professor John Bardeen and Doctor Frederick Sanger have in common?
Linus Pauling, uno de los quimicos mas importantes del siglo XX fue tambien uno de los principales protagonistas en la constitucion y desarrollo de la biologia contemporanea.
Jeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB, chief science officer of Metagenics, San Clemente, CA, received the Linus Pauling Functional Medicine Lifetime Achievement Award at The Institute for Functional Medicine's 2011 International Symposium in April.