Carolus Linnaeus

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Swedish botanist who proposed the modern system of biological nomenclature (1707-1778)

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For example, before Linne's system the wild briar rose was referred to by botanists as Rosa sylvestris inodora seu canina and as Rosa sylvestris alba cum rubore, folio glabro.
Linne's green products offer dynamic solutions for customers seeking energy saving solutions while conserving habitat and natural resources.
Following Linne's talk, "Branding a HNW Practice: Creating Your Own Memorable Brand," I walked away with a practical strategy to take greater control of the way others perceive and positively differentiate me, as well as a number of insightful tips to create a LinkedIn profile that attracts new business.
The Linne's two-toed sloth is predicted to be a big draw at the zoo this summer along with father Enrique and mother Natja.
Schiebinger (2004) argues, in the context of discussing Carl von Linne's habit of naming plants after people, that this practice contributed to the consolidation of Western hegemony in the colonies and brought a history of celebrating European men into botanical nomenclature.