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For celiacs, such as Linnaea, eating gluten damages the small intestine, making it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients.
Linnaea Brophy, was the winner of the MTNA Junior String Competition, sponsored by Yamaha Corporation of America--Orchestral Strings Department.
Burned site Coverage % Plant species 1997 September <1% -- 1998 May <1% -- July 10% Epilobium angustifolium, Ceratodon moss September 20% 1999 May 30% +Luzula + Calluna vulgaris July 50% September 55% 2000 May 60% + Deschampsia August 80% + Rubus idaeus Control site 100% Pleurozium and Dicranum moss, Linnaea borealis, Trientalis europea, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, V.
Cheng is a graduate in advertising design of the Fu-Hsin Trade and Art School in Taiwan, and is currently working as a design assistant at Linnaea Tillett Lighting Design in New York.
Florida, USA 18-42 Cold-temperate (boreal) evergreen forests [+] 1) On richer soil Picea glauca (+ Linnaea borealis in Alberta; Canada 13-37 HL) Picea glauca (+ Aralia nudicaulis in 12-18 HL) 2) On poorer soil Picea mariana (+ Ledum groenlandicum Alberta, Canada 10-60 in SL) Picea mariana Canada 20 Pinus banksiana 45 Temperate deciduous forests 1) On moister soil Fagus grandifolia and Acer saccharum SW.
Algific talus slopes harbor populations of over 60 vascular plant species that are disjunct in Iowa from wet woods and bogs in northern or western boreal forests, including Adoxa moschatellina, Carex media, Cornus canadensis, Linnaea borealis, Mertensia paniculata, Poa paludigena, Pyrola asarifolia, Rihaimnus alnifolia, Ribes hudsonianum, Streptopus roseus, and Viola renifolia (Thorne 1964, Frest 1982).
They are Betula populifolia (gray birch), Carex scabrata, Corallorrhiza trifida (coral root), Gerardia pedicularia ambigens (clammy false foxglove), Hemicarpa drummondii, Hippuris vulgaris (mare's tail), Lechea stricta (bush pinweed), Lemna perpusilla (least duckweed), Linnaea borealis (twin flower), Lonicera canadensis (American fly honeysuckle), Oryzopsis pungens (short-horned rice grass), Panicum lucidum (bog panic grass), Psilocarya nitens (bald rush), Pyrola secunda (one-sided shinleaf), Scleria reticularis (netted nut rush), Shepherdia canadensis (russet buffaloberry), Trillium cernuum macranthum (nodding trillium), and Utricularia resu pinata (small purple bladderwort).
This was an interesting botanical locality for one coming from the South to commence with; for many plants which are rather rare, and one or two which are not found at all, in the eastern part of Massachusetts, grew abundantly between the rails,--as Labrador tea, Kalmia glauca, Canada blueberry (which was still in fruit, and a second time in bloom), Clintonia and Linnaea borealis, which last a lumberer called moxon, creeping snowberry, painted trillium, large-flowered bellwort, etc.
Scappoose senior Linnaea Kavulich was third last season.
Linnaea Brophy, age 14, from Bartlett, Tennessee, is a scholarship student of Carolyn Huebl at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.
Linnaeus was very fond of this plant, and in 1737, the Dutch botanist Johan Gronovius scientifically named it Linnaea borealis in honor of his young Swedish friend.
odorata) plus Convallaria majalis, Linnaea borealis, Epilobium angustifolium, Oxalis acetosella, Primula officinalis, and Trientalis europaea.
Moreover, except for some extremely fire-sensitive, late-successional species like Linnaea borealis (Eriksson 1992), all plant species present in unburned forests appeared to occur in nearby burned areas (although densities differed).