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a description (at a given point in time) of a language with respect to its phonology and morphology and syntax and semantics without value judgments

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The book contains three Judaeo-Arabic versions of the same story with side-by-side translations to English, plus linguistic analysis examining aspects such as orthography, morphology, syntax, and lexical features.
Sentiment scores are also based on Deep Linguistic Analysis.
345) But a strictly linguistic analysis can tell us nothing about what that may mean psychologically, or why it came to be historically.
Others might question the use of a comprehensive philosophical framework to examine diaries and letters that often break beyond linguistic analysis, at least in their spiritual and mystical dimensions.
In addition, FAST has developed a PowerCenter adapter to capture extracted metadata in AIW using linguistic analysis techniques.
The following are appended: (1) Excerpts from the AELP Audit Trail; (2) Pre-Pilot and Pilot Test Booklets; (3) Protocol of Directions for Whole-group Administration; (4) Protocol of Directions for Verbal Protocol Administration; (5) Item Level Statistics for Pre-pilot Studies; (6) Item Discrimination Statistics for Selective 42 Tasks in Pre-pilot Stage; (7) List of Identified Vocabulary from Verbal Protocol Analysis; and (8) Linguistic Analysis Framework.
This section incorporates assessments based on a behavioral and linguistic analysis of the communication, including indications of capabilities, commitment, deception, biographical information (e.
Topics include specification and construction of control flow semantics, a linguistic analysis of how people describe software problems, representing parallelism in a control language for children, and a web search tool for finding API components and examples.
0 is a multi-tier spam filtering system that incorporates linguistic analysis technology, enabling the system to analyse text and filter out spam independently.
He was one of the founding members of the linguistic analysis school.
The author argues that linguistic analysis can offer powerful insights into how successful students use grammar and vocabulary to build different types of causal explanations as they move through secondary schooling.
Lakoff, a cognitive linguist at the University of California at Berkeley, uses linguistic analysis to diagnose Democrats' problems.
It's hard to peg or narrow the prospective audience of Going Nuclear: Nunberg's linguistic analysis should appeal across the board to any interested in how the English language changes.
To illustrate, I draw on Benjamin Lee Whorf's linguistic analysis of non-Western cultures.
In addition to the sales and marketing agreement the parties also signed a licence deal which gives FAST access to Sakhr Software's Arabic advanced linguistic analysis tools.