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a common language used by speakers of different languages

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For emerging-nation journals, Meneghini (2013) recommends enrollment of international editors--those with name recognition and track records with successful, lingua-franca journals.
Editorial board makeup articulates the percentage of each journal's editorial board that is affiliated with an institution based in a lingua-franca, i.
Lead author institution differentiates between articles in which the lead author is affiliated with an institution in a lingua-franca, English-speaking, country, and articles in which the lead author is not affiliated with an institution in a lingua-franca country.
Hypothesis 2 predicted that there would be a higher prevalence of lingua-franca editorial-board members among the journals of higher internationalization than among the journals of lower internationalization.
International English might grow to become World-speak, as a single fully global lingua-franca might be called, available as a universal auxiliary (or indeed primary) language to every educated adult.