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an operator that obeys the distributive law: A(f+g) = Af + Ag (where f and g are functions)

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Then there exists a non-degenerate linear map w : Z(Lie(G)) [right arrow] C and a rational map [[phi].
A] we can define linear maps R, S : A [right arrow] A and [omega] : A [cross product] A [right arrow] A by
A real matrix of dimension M x N defines the linear map from the space [R.
Suppose X is a Hausdorff normal and countably paracompact topological space and [mu]: C(X) [right arrow] E be a linear map such that order-bounded subsets are mapped into relatively weakly compact subsets of E.
We shall now show that each [PHI] [member of] M defines a continuous linear map from B into B.
An affine map X' = M x X + T is a composition of a linear map, given by the matrix M and a translation, given by the matrix (or a column vector) T.
Pak and Vallejo have defined in (PV1) bijections, which are explicit linear maps, between LR tableaux, Knutson-Tao hives (KT) and BZ triangles.
A linear map T: C(X) [right arrow] C(Y) is called Separating ([3], p.
The output graph is a piecewise linear map, which is possibly make as a smooth curve by standard methods or by new one.
If you are someone who prefers a maze instead of a linear map, this will be your thing.
2] and choose a random linear map to a smaller vector space R.
Delta]](A) called its [Delta]-rank; it is simply the rank of the linear map
For instances, in [3], Figiel proved that for an isometry T : X [right arrow] Y between real normed spaces X and Y, there exists a linear map S : Y [right arrow] X such that S(T(x)) = x for all x [member of] X and moreover the restriction of S to the linear span of T(X) has norm 1.
d]-valued quadratic form associated with the linear map [psi].