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(mathematics) calculation of the value of a function outside the range of known values

an inference about the future (or about some hypothetical situation) based on known facts and observations

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Obviously, linear extrapolation is not conservative at all if it is actually the correct model for the substance at issue; even if the U.
The error in the linear extrapolation results is rather negligible in comparison with those associated with the other methods as the experimental temperatures are used directly and the spatial measurements are extremely close to the contact surface.
The first aim of the present study was to justify linear extrapolation of P/log D plots to P = 0.
Thus it was no longer reasonable to expect a simple linear extrapolation to give meaningful values of [w.
Linear extrapolation is used in radiation protection if cohort strata pertaining to low doses and dose rates have low statistical power.
I am a linear extrapolation of the California public schools: Elementary, junior high, and high school were spent entirely within their confines.
In this letter we respond to the authors' illustration of their approach using cancer bioassay data to develop reference doses (RfDs) that target a 1/1,000 risk through linear extrapolation from the POD by highlighting opportunities to augment their statistically based approach with biological considerations.
The SNCD-based exposure guideline was derived by linear extrapolation from the upper bound on extra risk at the SNCD ([UER.
Otherwise, linear extrapolation from the POD to low doses is used to quantify low-dose risk (U.
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