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the rate at which circuits or other devices operate when handling digital information

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Now rover is planning a further cut in the line rate
Line rates at the Drews Lane factory in Washwood Heath have risen from 150 a week to 286 since Gaz took over and the plant has made substantial productivity gains.
If a contestant exceeds their red line rate, they cannot answer the question and, for every second they are in the red line zone, the money they have won is reduced.
One of these rates, the carrier common line rate, is set on a nationwide basis.
Line rate will remain at 1,160 vehicles per day in two 10-hour shifts, although now, all closure panels for the 2000 models, except for the aluminum rear lift-gate, will be built in-house.
With multiprotocol support for 10, 40, and 100 GigE as well as 8G, 10G and 16G Fibre Channel, OC-192, STM-64, OTU2 and OTU2e in any combination up to the full line rate, the equipment provides the same client service flexibility as it does on the line side.
With massive scalability, the BlackDiamond X8 offers more than 20Tbps total switching capacity with 768 ports of line rate, no frame-loss 10GbE or 192 ports of line rate, no frame-loss 40GbE in a single chassis already shipping.
"Because of the way the economics of the plant work in terms of fixed costs it is better to run a full line rate for three days than run over the normal four days.
In order to cope with the downturn in V8 turbo diesel engines - which has been triggered by problems with a supplier - the company has decided to prioritise production of the Range Rover at Lode Lane and reduce the line rate for the Range Rover Sport.
Network Instruments, Minneapolis, a developer of network analysis, monitoring and management solutions, has unveiled its new second generation GigaStor Probe, designed to capture and store massive amounts of gigabit traffic at line rate. The GigaStor Probe includes the Gen2 Capture Card, which allows granular analysis on individual ports or up to four full- duplex gigabit trunked links.
The OptiView WAN Analyzer allows network engineers to identify all network elements that utilize OC-3 or OC-12 WAN links, perform full RMON2-based remote monitoring, gather detailed traffic statistics, and filter an capture cells and packets on network links at line rate. Optimized for ATM and PoS protocols, the device discovers and monitors virtual path/circuit pairs for ATM links, enabling users to drill down on any virtual circuit and identify utilization, protocols, top conversations, top hosts, top applications and errors.
Many are under the false impression that a network built with a switch or switches that are "non-blocking" with the ability to service all ports at line rate, will never be the culprit when overall SAN performance falters.
- Scripting support and line rate performance for 10/100/1000