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Synonyms for LP



Synonyms for LP

a long-playing phonograph record

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The x-axis depicts, from left to right, increasingly long lines or line pairs. If S- appears on the left side of the panel, any gradient shift would be expected to occur toward the right, and if S- appears on the right side of the panel, any gradient shift would be expected to occur toward the left.
The multi-line TRL method weights the measurements from multiple line pairs at each frequency so that optimally weighted propagation constant and error boxes are achieved.
Selecting scanning resolution at the value necessary for mapping task, consideration for the inherent resolution of original photos may be appropriate, which shows the relation between photo resolution expressed in line pairs per millimetre (lp/mm) and information content.
For RT lines that have six crotchet beats or more (rhythmic lines V-P in Table 2), the end of a melodic section can be aligned with a RT line rather than the RT line pair. (35) This can be seen in the various melodic settings of the rhythmic text of song text 7, track 3 of Awelye Akwelye, shown in Figure 19.
Where, [X.sub.k], [Y.sub.k] are the position of singular points, and t is the type of pattern line pair (parallel lines or cross lines).
The case is illustrated by a (self-dual) pencil of conics endowed with two singular conics of which one represents a double real line and the other is a real line pair. Although this pencil does not generate the ordinary (i.e., featuring the past, present, and future) arrow of time over GF([2.sup.n]), there does exist a pencil-related family of (q+1)-arcs, not conics, that closely resembles such an arrow.
A new method of reducing the size of a power divider, using a shorted coupled line pair instead of a lumped inductor, has been proposed and confirmed through experiments using microstrip lines at 1 0Hz.
Some research has found that it takes approximately four pixels to capture and reproduce a line pair under test conditions, instead of the representation by two pixels.
The SR70 can protect one line pair of two signal lines via the clamping of transient voltage to power lines or ground.
If the ratio of the common-mode signal to the differential signal present on the differential transmission line pair and the values for the differential and common-mode impedances are known, the amount of common-mode noise that will propagate through the differential interconnect can be estimated.
The typical line pair resolutions of flat-panel detectors and IIs are similar.
In a differential transmission line pair consisting of two signals, the signal on line 2 is the compliment of line 1.
SCOTLAND have recalled front line pair Tom Smith and Stuart Grimes.