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Synonyms for halftone

a print obtained from photoengraving

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an engraving used to reproduce an illustration

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With the PlayMore[R] HD Color Art Library artists become "art directors" empowered and inspired by access to a library of over 1,200 high-def line art files for creative art projects.
Results: Protein carbonyl content levels and oxidative DNA damage were significantly higher (p < 0.05) in HIV-infected patients on second line ART and HIV-infected patients on first line ART than ART naive patients and controls.
Around then I was starting to draw line art. We all decided we needed an image that could represent the band, so I drew this little eye on a pedestal and punctuated it.
But last year she got into line art drawing in response to the rising trend of adult colouring books.
* Enhancing timely targeted viral load test in order to offer 2nd line ART to all those who fail 1st line treatment
The landmark building is being transformed into a High Line art destination with the redesign of two art galleries and installation of a new facade.
Printing is available in up to eight colors or four color process line art for both liners and covers.
According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, the drama is produced by "Golden Line Art Production and Distribution" and it revolves around two families who share a loving understanding on the surface, but underneath there is a constant hidden conflict between them.
For Early Farm Tractors: A History in Advertising Line Art, graphic artist and historian Jim Harter has drawn from 20th century advertising cuts and earlier engravings in compiling a wealth of line art predating the Great Depression.
He is represented by The Third Line art gallery in Dubai and his works are housed at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
Joel does the line art and I do the Photoshop, he is the wizard."
The Epson Stylus Pro 7700 (24-inch) and 9700 (44-inch) incorporate the company's unique MicroPiezo TFP print heads which help produce stunning photographic images and extremely precise text and line art at speeds that nearly double that of Epson's previous generation printers.
The Lebanese artist held an exhibition at Dubai's The Third Line art gallery in 2007 entitled 'Can You Teach me how to Fight?' Paintings and drawings in the exhibition depict battles occurring between the 10th and 14th centuries in the region.
The material has been organized by organ system and each of the 55 procedure chapters consists of an introduction, definitions and terms, techniques, tips and pitfalls, and illustrative line art and photographs.
Green includes a well-chosen bibliography, maps, and periods and line art from the period.