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United States aviator who in 1927 made the first solo nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean (1902-1974)

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Not to second-guess Lindbergh the pilot, but to clarify, for readers, what Lindbergh had to know and what he had do to achieve his goal.
The tide began to turn for good against America First when Lindbergh delivered a controversial speech in Des Moines, Iowa, on September 11.
Isolationism was far different, far more complex than the pathetic anti-Semitism of Lindbergh or the thwarted ambitions of an arrogant rumrunner--although all that makes for a good story.
Lindbergh was like the Neil Armstrong of his day, but with the fame and wealth of David Beckham.
Our Lindbergh Card is the world's first truly global private jet card.
In operation in Charleston, South Carolina since 1982, L and A will now conduct business as Lindbergh and Associates, a T.
This trip was quite successful, and Smith received considerable support from the military going forward In addition, Smith began making use of Lindbergh in his air intelligence in the summer of 1936.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the limited series will chronicle the life of Charles Lindbergh, from his rise to his struggles with modern celebrity, and will see Black team up with Leonardo DiCaprio again, after 'J.
Stuart said that he asked Lindbergh after the speech why he had said what he had and whether he understood the damage he had done to the antiwar cause.
Never has a national idol fallen so far as Lindbergh did in later years when he flirted dangerously with Nazi Germany and became the acolyte of Dr.
Atlantic fever; Lindbergh, his competitors, and the race to cross the Atlantic.
New York-based Air Charter Service said that its new jet card division Empyrean is launching the Lindbergh Card.
The company has also welcomed aviation pioneer Erik Lindbergh on board as a brand ambassador this year.
San Diego International Airport: Lindbergh Field is a pick not just for California libraries, but for any collection strong in aviation history.