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In the eastern part of the park, you're likely to see Indian warrior, mule ears, paintbrush, lomatium, saxifrage, blueeyed grass, blow wives, phacelias, hound's tongue, linanthus, white fairy lanterns (Calochortus albus),and many more.
You'll see riotous mixed bouquets, upslope and down, including delphiniums, phacelias, foothill poppies (Eschscholtzia caespitosa), Plummer's mariposa lilies, many different lupines, nemophila, clarkias, Chinese houses, and starry pastel swaths of delicate linanthus.
Wright often cited two lines of evidence for the importance of genetic drift: the nonadaptive nature of characters distinguishing related taxa, and the random geographic distribution of flower-color morphs in Linanthus parryae.
Density -dependent pollinator foraging, flowering phenology, and temporal pollen dispersal patterns in Linanthus bicolor.
Huether (1968) showed that these differences had a genetic basis in Linanthus.
Exposure of natural genetic variability underlying the pentamerous corolla constancy in Linanthus androsaceus ssp.
Is it obvious that flower color differences in Linanthus are adaptive?
The evolutionary dynamics of a floral color polymorphism in Linanthus parryae.
Wright (1943b) used his isolation-by-distance model to describe the genetic differentiation of patches of white and blue flowers of the diminutive annual Linanthus parryae in the Mojave Desert.