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In the eastern part of the park, you're likely to see Indian warrior, mule ears, paintbrush, lomatium, saxifrage, blueeyed grass, blow wives, phacelias, hound's tongue, linanthus, white fairy lanterns (Calochortus albus),and many more.
You'll see riotous mixed bouquets, upslope and down, including delphiniums, phacelias, foothill poppies (Eschscholtzia caespitosa), Plummer's mariposa lilies, many different lupines, nemophila, clarkias, Chinese houses, and starry pastel swaths of delicate linanthus.
9 Eriophyllum lanatum Festuca idohoensis Gayophytum diffusum Holodiscus microphyllus Hulsea nana Ipomopsis congesta Linanthus pungens Lomatium martindolei 1 0.