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a genus of Limacidae

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1993, Norekian 1999), Limax maximus (Cooke & Gelperin, 1988), and Aplysia californica (Diaz-Rios et al.
This observation supports the findings of varicose GABA-ir fibers in the neuropil areas and in the cell body layers of the ganglia in Helisoma trivolvis, Clione limacine, Helix pomatia and Limax maximus (Cooke & Gelperin 1988, Richmond et al.
Huddling and the control of water loss by the slug Limax pseudoflavus Evans.
Growth and reproduction of the slug Limax valentianus Ferrusac in experimental conditions.
Physiological and behavioural aspects of water balance and respiratory function in the terrestrial slug, Limax maximus.
2001) reported that the metacerebro-procerebral neuron (MPN) of Limax marginatus is an output-neuron from the procerebrum.
Neuronal components of the superior and inferior tentacles in the terrestrial slug, Limax marginatus.
Type 1 , with extended pseudopodia; Type 2, slow moving limax; Type 3, limax eruptive; and Type 4, fan shaped.
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