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dark sweet or semisweet dessert wine from Sicily

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Falsone compares the rock-cut tombs of Palermo, Pizzo Cannita, Solonte, and Lilybaeum to the royal necropoli of Byblos and Sidon (p.
Elected consul (242) and sent to Sicily with a newly raised fleet to dispute Carthaginian control of the sea (summer 242); occupied Lilybaeum (Marsala) and blockaded Drepanum (Trapani), and readied his 200 ships for battle; his fleet crushed the unprepared Carthaginian fleet at the battle off the Aegates (Egadi) Islands (March 10, 241), destroying many ships and capturing 10,000 men (Catulus, who was wounded, did not command in person); negotiated a treaty with the Carthaginians, but this was later rejected in Rome as too lenient.
The son of Hannibal Gisco; landed at Lilybaeum (Marsala) and assembled an army, securing Agrigentum for Carthage (late spring 264); unsuccessfully besieged Messana (Messina) by both land and sea (summer); driven from Messana, he returned to Africa and assembled a large army, including elephants, to relieve his father besieged at Agrigentum (262-261); he reached the city's vicinity without mishap, but his army was routed by the Roman besiegers and nearly destroyed (summer?