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British actress (born in Canada) (1898-1989)

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William Hill has odds of 8/1 that Lillie will appear on the TV reality show in January, after reports she has been offered PS200,000.
Lillie added: " We had the most incredible year and relationship.
Hayley, from Bridgend, wanted to share it to show how amazing Hollie, who has Down's syndrome, is as a big sister to Lillie, and Poppie, four.
Lillie said her passion for riding developed after she watched her mum and sister ride horses.
It's such an amazing comfort for me to look at Pixie and see exactly what Lillie would have looked like.
Lillie was instrumental to back-up Mitchell Johnson during the time of crisis.
Lillie will have a targeted, print-on-demand circulation that adheres to the magazine's environmental ethos by saving paper, fuel, and waste.
Mr Lillie, a Royal Marines Veteran who saw service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan said: "I am doing my best to raise money for Help for Heroes because while I was in service, I sustained various injuries.
Lillie Shockney has been the administrative director of the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Center since 1997.
Lillie manages to weave both plot lines together almost effortlessly, though readers may begin to wonder what progress Detective Gold is making in Chicago; action in the middle portion of the novel resides solely with Stevens in Washington.
THE dominant operations tend to seek safety in numbers, but there is proof in Michael Tabor's leading three-year-old filly Lillie Langtry that any breeder, no matter how small, can hit the jackpot with the required work and passion.
With the Ballydoyle team in full flow, Lillie Langtry can put matters right for O'Brien in Wednesday's classy fillies' feature at the July meeting.
BEAMING into the camera, little Lillie Bagnall-Lambe flashed her mum a cheeky grin.
There's the married couple, Babs (Amanda Abbington) and Dickie (Dean Lennox Kelly), who are on the verge of divorcing; the 'single', a womaniser by the name of Clint (Ralf Little), who realises he's going to have to redeem his ways if he wants a relationship with Abbey (Miranda Raison); and then the 'other' couple, childhood sweethearts, Lillie (Lucy) and her partner Eddie (Shaun Dooley).
Lillie Davenport: Pioneer Mother is the true-life biography of Lillie Davenport (1877-1972), a woman who truly embodied the spirit of the American West at the close of the pioneer era.