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British actress (born in Canada) (1898-1989)

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Brian Lillie discussed the need for digital infrastructure to be considered a basic and critical business requirement among companies in the UAE.
The condition is so rare none of her doctors know what the future holds for Lillie who also lives with Type One diabetes.
Equinix also announced Laura Ortman has been promoted to the role of Chief Customer Officer, taking over leadership of the Global Customer Success organization as Lillie steps into his Chief Product Officer role.
Lillie is to report to Harold Peterson, senior VP and senior MD of Municipal Banking.
Equinix has announced that it promoted Brian Lillie to Chief Customer Officer (CCO) and EVP of Technology Services.
During an appearance on Loose Women, Bear claimed his "past two girlfriends had cheated" on him, and later tweeted that Lillie had hooked up with Ex On The Beach star Ross Worswick while they were together.
Lillie added: " We had the most incredible year and relationship.
Hayley, from Bridgend, wanted to share it to show how amazing Hollie, who has Down's syndrome, is as a big sister to Lillie, and Poppie, four.
Lillie pays homage to her parents, whose whirlwind courtship joined an ambitious young man to a self-sufficient woman who'd thought that her chance to start a family had passed, and who, instead, regained her youth through love of her daughter.
Lillie said her passion for riding developed after she watched her mum and sister ride horses.
In a tragic double heartbreak for mum Jeni, Pixie was one of identical twins born two hours apart - but younger sister Lillie died at just 26 days old.
The legend of Australian fast bowling, Dennis Lillie, moved out of Cricket Australia after the board was unable to meet his payment demands.
This is a great time to be a Filipino," British Ambassador to the Philippines Stephen Lillie told reporters at a lunch he hosted at his residence on Thursday.
By Bernice Camille V Bauzon/Manila Times Implementing the provisions of the Mindanao peace process before President Benigno Aquino ends his term in 2016 is "ambitious," but it can be achieved if he is committed, British Ambassador to Philippines Stephen Lillie has said.
Lillie fills a void in the marketplace with substance, wit and unwavering respect for sustainable design and craftsmanship.