Lillian Russell

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United States entertainer remembered for her roles in comic operas (1861-1922)


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The Lillian Russell collection is named after the glamorous light-opera star who was the toast of Tony Pastor's Opera House, the beje-welled lady of Diamond Jim Brady and the inspiration for the Gibson Girls.
The performance was delightful, but it really wasn't the play that Jacksonians and out-of-town guests came to see--it was the beautiful Lillian Russell.
There are new and reopened hotels geared to the European marketplace, such as The Giraffe, The Carlton, the Roger Williams, and the Prince George, which in its heyday entertained Diamond Jim Brady and Lillian Russell.
A person who thinks himself superior to the rest of us because he has no job and no pride and no clean clothes is as badly conceited as Lillian Russell.
At the end of the last century, fat was in - look at President Taft, Diamond Jim Brady, Lillian Russell.
Theaters presented shows by Victor Herbert and Florenz Zeigfeld, starring Eddie Foy, Lillian Russell, and Ethel Barrymore.
He introduced performers who were to become famous, such as Lillian Russell (born this year).
Lawler; one of the feathered constructions displayed supposedly decked the head of glided-age actress Lillian Russell.
Brady bought the mansion in 1895 and lived there with the Broadway actress Lillian Russell.
Notes about famous members such as Oscar Wilde, the Barrymores, and Lillian Russell are included, and the book contains many b&w photos, as well as short biographical sketches of deceased members who made key contributions.
COLUMBUS, Ohio Bringing back to life a Victorian touring legit house that once hosted the likes of Lillian Russell, George M.
The husband and wife team of Marie and Russ Kirkpatrick produced some of the most well-known designs in the history of the industry: Pilgrim Pine for Link-Taylor, Tudor Manor for Globe Parlor and Lillian Russell for Davis Cabinet.
was attended by many notable figures from the world of entertainment and gambling, including Lillian Russell, a reigning glamour queen of the time, James Buchanan "Diamond Jim" Brady, and John Warne "Bet-a-million" Gates.