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United States playwright


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Alice Kessler-Harris' remarkable book is both a biography of Lillian Hellman, playwright, memoirist, and activist, and an analysis of the controversies that surrounded her life.
Brown, Linda Ginter 1991 Toward a More Cohesive Self: Women in the Works of Lillian Hellman and Marsha Norman.
While Gaines's novel touches on the issue of homosexual relationships between black men, chapters four and five examine the texts of Lillian Hellman, Katherine Anne Porter, and Margaret Walker that depict the ambiguous queer intimacy between the plantation mistress and her black maid.
In radical contrast to Warren stands Lillian Hellman, the subject of Brinkmeyer's final chapter, a confirmed Stalinist whose campaigns against fascism were largely pursued in the interests of the Soviet Union and various front groups.
Lillian Hellman, in defence of democracy, refused to testify and wrote to the committee the memorable words: "I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions.
This Second World War drama should be a damp squib, but it works well thanks largely to a snappy script from Lillian Hellman, who adapted it from her own story.
Identifying notable scrapbookers ranging from Zelda Fitzgerald to Lillian Hellman to Anne Sexton, "Scrapbooks" draws from Jessica Helfand's own personal collection of more than 200 scrapbooks that collective span more than one hundred years of American history.
By the time the writer Lillian Hellman testifies on Mar 21, 1952, many people in Hollywood feel that it is time to stand up to them.
He remained friends with that odious Stalinist, the playwright Lillian Hellman, to the end, although this may have had something to do with his ex-wife Mary McCarthy's celebrated doubts regarding Hellman's veracity.
Moreover, the dust will scarcely have settled before 30 young people will be throwing themselves into The Children's Hour, the Lillian Hellman drama about scandal in a school for girls, which opens at the Crescent on July 27.
Thomas Carl Austenfeld concludes his critical study of Kay Boyle, Katherine Anne Porter, Jean Stafford, and Lillian Hellman with a series of questions.
Playwright Lillian Hellman was one of those who refused, saying "I will not cut my conscience to fit this year's fashions.
Despite countless testimonials from Louis Aragon, Lillian Hellman, Pablo Neruda, Jean-Paul Sartre, and others, he wasn't really of the left, it turns out; he was merely an "aberration.
Lillian Hellman is a "Mythomaniac grump," Valerie Bettis's "pelvic thrusts make Martha Graham buffs hiss," and Mary McCarthy wears a "shit-eating grin"--the Boys Only Club version of this scene gets old fast.