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a land imagined by Jonathan Swift that was inhabited by tiny people

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Yet, one of them--a new and a potent one--will probably have to be reckoned with again, namely, effective opposition from activists who claimed to speak for the general public, those Liliputian Americans whose wishes regarding immigration policy have been repeatedly ignored.
By 1818, the fairy tale was such an institution that Benjamin Tabart collected the stories and identities of tale writers of the eighteenth century in a 353-page illustrated volume entitled, Popular Fairy Tales: or, A liliputian library.
in another the glancing fan-shaped banners of the Liliputian host--and in another the needle-shaped particles collected into bundles resembling the plumes of the pine, might pass for a phalanx of spears.
Our test gun was an M-1919A4 air-cooled model and at first glance, with the exception of a few standard-sized screws, the gun was a Liliputian ringer for the original.