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United States film actress who appeared in films by D


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Silent movies dominated at the cinemas and made stars of people like Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Buster Keaton, Lilian Gish, Mary Pickford and the Keystone Cops .
As such, Darling will have known, from the Marxist-Lenninist tracts he used to distribute to railwaymen outside Waverley Station, that his predecessor's claim, that thanks to New Labour there would be "no more boom and bust", was pure Lilian Gish.
How about 100 Best Ways To Blow Your Brains Out over the amount of this Lilian Gish that's pumped out to us.
When this Tyneside cinema was built, the movie idols of the time were Lilian Gish, Rudolph Valentino and Charlie Chaplin.
And Miss Morgan felt that she had the style to challenge the popularity of Lilian Gish and Dorothy Pickford.