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The Dahlgren reference (Dahlgren, 1985) refers to a taxonomic paper on the Liliales, with colchicine being a marker of the taxon designated as Colchicaceae.
Es porque tu eres hermana de las liliales virgenes cantadas en brumosa lengua inglesa (.
In addition there are species feeding on Ericales (Dillenidae), Asterales, (Asteridae) Rhamnales (Rosidae), Malvales (Dillenidae), and Liliales (Liliidae).
Most Liliales have polysymmetric or only slightly monosymmetric flowers, commonly involving sigmoidal curvature of perianth and/or pollination organs, thus similar as in Asparagales.
Este genero no ha sido reportado en el Valle de Mexico, donde el termino nahuatl puede haber designado a otros taxa en el orden Asparagales o Liliales.
Liliales generally have a gametophytic SI system (Brewbaker 1959; de Nettancourt 1977), and the type of system typically does not vary within a family (de Nettancourt 1984).
A few other instances may be found in Liliales when they have been more intensively investigated.
Molecular systematics of the genus Uvularia and selected Liliales based on matK and rbcL gene sequence data.
the four lilioid orders (Asparagales, Liliales, Dioscoreales and