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Turlerine gore agaccik ve calilar The number of buildings in which the species of shrubs and bushes are located Euonymus japonica aureus 2 Thujo occientalis 3 Cotoneaster frigidus 'Cornubia' 1 Buxus sempervirens 1 Rosa 9 Forsythia intermedia 2 Spireae x vanhouttei 3 Hydrangea macrophylla 5 Euonymus japonica 3 Juniperus chinensis 2 Ligustrum japonicum 'Aureum' 1 Ligustrum Japonicum 8 Platycladus orientalis 1 Nerium oleander 3 Laurus nobilis 1 Yucca filamantosa 3 Jasminum fruticans 2 Euonymus japonica aurea variegata 3 Citrus limon 2 Citrus sinensis 2 Syringa vulgaris 1 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Quantitative determination of secoiridoids and phenylpropanoids in different extracts of Ligustrum Vulgare L.
Boerhavia gracillima G Eq Ppo Heimerl Bougainvillea glabra G Rg, Bc Tcp Choisy Oleaceae Ligustrum japonicum M Rt, mEq Tcp Thunb.
237) ao avaliar as nove vias da cidade de Porto Alegre-RS que apresentam uma distribuicao de arvores de ambos os lados formando o chamado "tunel verde" tambem observaram a alta representatividade das especies exoticas, pois do total de registros efetuados o Jacaranda mimosifolia representou 48%do total, Tipuana tipu 10,9%, Lagerstroemia indica 10,7%, Ligustrum lucidum 5,8% e outras 57 especies distribuidas nos 24,6% restantes.
Helianthus Rosa Olea europeae Ligustrum Quercus Salvia Ziziphora Zea mays
Chromium concentrations (ppm dry wt) in the leaves of Olea europaea, Ligustrum japonicum, and Pyracantha coccinea from different studied sites (site 1: industry; site 2: traffic; reference site: botanical garden)
Triterpenoid contents and anti-inflammatory properties of the methanol extracts of Ligustrum species leaves.
Methanol leaf extract of the plant Ligustrum morrisonense containing amyrin has been shown to demonstrate analgesic activity in rodents (Wu et al.
It is a sylvan recreational park of 200 ha of a prairie dominated by grasses, Honey Locus (Gleditsia triacanthos) and Ligustrum (Ligustrum sinence).
The area is characterized by second-growth forests belonging to the Yungas ecoregion (Cabrera 1994), and is dominated by cebil and stands of exotic forests (Eucalyptus, Ligustrum, Pinus and others).
Differential accumulation of flavonoids and hydroxycinnamates in leaves of Ligustrum vulgare under excess light and drought stress.
Any ornamental plants, from laural to ligustrum, will be quite happy being cut back.
Lamentablemente, una de las especies usadas como cerco vivo es Ligustrum lucidum, declarada invasora por todo el mundo (Tassin et al.
Panizzi & Grazia (2001) encontraron 12 especies de chinches colonizando la planta hospedera Ligustrum lucidum Ait.