Ligurian Sea

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an arm of the Mediterranean between northwest Italy and Corsica

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For this study, the growth pattern of juvenile European hake was analyzed in northwestern Italian waters, which include the Ligurian Sea and the northern Tyrrhenian Sea (Fig.
This defensive belt ran from south of Spezio on the Ligurian Sea to Pesoro on the Adriatic, and averaged 10 miles in depth.
With Wild Oats XI not starting in the 243 nautical mile Giraglia Race, Alfa Romeo had a convincing victory in this famous long race which took the fleet from the Gulf of St Tropez, south-west along the French coast, around the island of Lavant, across the Ligurian Sea and to Giraglia Rock, just north of Corsica, before finishing off the Italian port of Genoa.
Tyack and Johnson worked with an international team, tagging seven Cuvier's beaked whales in the Ligurian Sea off Italy and three Blainville's beaked whales off Spain's Canary Islands.
The swarm dynamics of northern krill (Meganyctiphanes norvegica) and pteropods (Cavolina inflexa) during vertical migration in the Ligurian Sea observed by an acoustic Doppler current profiler.
Located about 130 kilometers south of Genoa, the Cinque Terre's five small villages--each with its own old-European charm--are nestled on the sides of mountains whose sheer cliffs rise from the depths of the Ligurian Sea.
Christopher gazes out at the Ligurian Sea as trading vessels enter the port of Genoa.
were estimated to have died in the Ligurian Sea in 1999 in a catastrophic event also correlated with an increase in sea water temperature (Cerrano et al.
The Tuscan seaport of Piombino, at the south end of a peninsula in the Ligurian Sea, is the nearest point on the mainland to Elba.
com/user/Scolca1) under the most favorable conditions and in advance of the usual harvests of our "micro-zone" that normally can take advantage of the marine breeze benefits and temperate climate of the Ligurian sea.
Calvi is a living, working haute ville or upper town built on a promontory, with views across the Ligurian Sea.
The Ligurian Sea forms a part of which larger body of water?
The Ligurian sea is almost completely flat, with waves barely measuring more than a couple of inches high - no good for surfing but perfect for floating on.