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There is no prohibition against a light fixture above a laundry sink.
The HAL-LED-SOL12 light fixture is Class I Division II-approved and is said to be an ideal lighting solution for remote areas and stand-alone applications where connection to external power is either impractical or unavailable.
We used this crate as the base of the light fixture.
Abu Dhabi: Nearly Dh1.13 billion in street lighting costs for the capital will be saved over the next 20 years as new energy-efficient light fixtures replace the ones currently being used, senior municipality officials have announced.
2) If light fixture does not have local on/off switch, tag out light circuit, remove lamps, and replace starters.
The project included the replacement of almost 2,000 existing 400w and 1000w metal halide light fixtures, with a lesser number of linear high-bay fixtures using T5HO lamps and ballasts.
Can't I just get a normal light fixture and use a compact fluorescent bulb for energy efficiency, or is there something special about the specialty lights?
This is a surface-mounted fluorescent light fixture that is low-profile (an attribute that is very hard to find in lighting fixtures).
"But that is going to change." Sea Gull and Progress Lighting will soon release entirely separate Energy Star light fixture lines that are not simply standard fixture designs adapted for energy efficiency.
Cypress, CA, November 19, 2014 --( USHIO America introduces the Indiglow[TM] LED black light fixture. USHIO's Indiglow LED black light fixture utilizes high power 365nm LEDs to deliver the punch needed for blacklight effects, paints and fluorescent materials unseen on 400nm LED products.
Ltd is recalling 8,000 units of its Ceiling-Mounted Light Fixture.
Originally conceived for theatrical productions, the highly innovative lighting system couples a 3M light pipe containing Optical Lighting film to a 575-watt Martin Architectural 600 color-changing light fixture for extraordinarily intense linear sources of color and light.