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offspring of a male lion and a female tiger

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Ligers Z., 1957, <<La chasse a l'hippopotame chez les Bozo>>, Journal de la Societe des africanistes, 27, I : 37-66.
17 ( ANI ): A liger, a hybrid between a male lion and a tigress, measuring 10 feet in length and weighing in at 922 pounds, has been dubbed the world's largest feline.
Made-in-China, with a little controversial human help, a zoo in Hainan province claims to have bred a pride of ligers.
(70.) Ligers A, Xu C, Saarinen S, Hillert J, Olerup O.
In addition to its applicability in fighting disease, the latest study confirms a theory about why different species cannot interbreed, although there are rare exceptions in closely related species--such as horses and donkeys--which can interbreed to create mules, or lions and tigers that can mix to form ligers, but such hybrids are sterile.
existing chimeras or hybrids that have no human cells, such as ligers
(20.) Ligers A, Teleshova N, Masterman T, Huang WX, Hillert J.
Llanishen Hawks scored a 10-5 win over the University of West of England Ligers in the latest challenge match between the skater hockey teams.
For example, lions and tigers can mate produc-ing offspring called either tigrons or ligers: ``The sightings could be one of three things basically,'' said Danny, a 28-year-old wildlife film-maker.
Here is an illustration of the paradox of animal "liberation": The Animal Welfare Act provides comprehensive federal protection of wild animals.(24) In a case argued before my court involving the validity of a regulation issued under the Act requiring wild-animal dealers to have higher fences around their animal enclosures,(25) the government's lawyer conceded that the regulation could not be defended by reference to the interest in protecting people from the dangerous animals involved in the case, namely ligers and tigons (crosses between lions and tigers), because it was not part of the Act's purpose to protect people.
Samson and his brother Sudan are the world's only two surviving ligers. "They were a complete accident," says Dr Mahamayavi Antle of the Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Among them are two magnificent 900-pound ligers (a cross between a male lion and a female tiger) named Brutus and Mia; a lion named Handsome and a chimp named Chance who had cameo roles in Martin Scorseses film, The Wolf of Wall Street; and the newest resident, Rhaja, a rare male tigron (a cross between a male tiger and a female lion), who came to the sanctuary in September--like a lot of the animals the Rosaires have rescued, from "a pretty not-nice place," Kay says.
Man-of the-Match: Omer (46 runs); Jeddah Ligers 125-7 lost to Challengers CC 126-1 by 9 wkts.
(Once in a great while, all the possible errors are avoided, and a molly foals.) Though even hybrids from species with the same number of chromosomes, like tigers and lions (whose offspring are called ligers or tigons), have trouble with fertility.
A hat-trick by Paul Annett helped Llanishen Hawks to an 8-6 win over the visiting University of West of England Ligers in a skater hockey challenge match.