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an athlete who lifts barbells


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a thief who steals goods that are in a store

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These included the population of the two largest villages in the Jerusalem sub-district, Ain Karim and Lifta, and virtually all the rural habitations west of the city (except for Abu Ghosh and Beit Safafa).
military court is considering whether to lifta restraining order that prevents female guards at a prison at Guantanamo Bay from touching Muslims detained in connection with the September 11,2001, terrorist attacks.
This point was made in a particularly acute manner by a series of collages of photographs and documents pertaining to the village of Lifta, whose ruins are visible on the outskirts of Jerusalem.
MP Khalil Atieh, who signed the memo, said that Israel had taken the decision to list the Arab villages of Lifta and Ein Karem as Israeli heritage sites although they are occupied.
Spurs would look for a 'stronger' ' coach than AVB should he fail to liftA h the side.
I hope one day Kerry will muster the moral courage and mediator's acumen to actually visit -- or even just drive by -- the sites of Deir Yassin, or Lifta, or Maliha, or any of the other dozens of former Palestinian villages and West Jerusalem Arab neighborhoods whose 28,000 Palestinian inhabitants were largely displaced or expelled, mostly before Israel's declaration of statehood in mid-May 1948.
* Though abandoned, Lifta, just north of Jerusalem, is the last intact pre-1948 Arab village in Israel.
troops in al-Fujaijat village, which were attended by Missan Governor Mohammed Shaya'a al-Sudani, the Missan Provincial Council Chairman Abdulhussein Abdulreda and other local officials," Maytham Lifta, a member of the council's Security & Defense Committee, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.