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a prisoner serving a term of life imprisonment

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AGIS LifeRing is designed to meet the differing demands of the military, government agencies and first responders.
AGIS' LifeRing software also interfaces with higher level military command and control systems through standard interfaces.
Xiphos 4G LTE broadband networks and LifeRing software will be used as part of the internal ship, inter-ship, ship-to-helicopter, and Boarding Party Boat communications package.
LifeRing users can declare emergencies, enter and transmit geo-located symbols, interactively whiteboard, chat and transmit messages and "must respond to" commands all within the LifeRing application.
Current LifeRing Location Based Services-LBS users may upgrade and get ResQdraw software free at http://www.
New users may download LifeRing software free for 90 days also at http://www.