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a strong sea boat designed to rescue people from a sinking ship

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He added that the Sara G crew "were in the liferaft from 11am through to 1am the following morning.
Maybe a miracle could still happen and they could find him and the other two crewmen on the second liferaft.
The lifeboat was launched to pick up the crew from the island after force 5 winds blew their liferaft ashore.
CREW: From left, Bray, Stubbs, Wills and Gornall; SAVED: Crew of Pink Lady being rescued from liferaft, circled, yesterday by Danish ship after their boat was wrecked by huge wave
But Seabird sank and John was picked up in his liferaft by Dutch sailors.
The crew abandoned the boat, which operates out of Peterhead, for their liferaft without injury and were picked up by Kirkwall lifeboat.
Things deteriorated and Andrew decided they had to take to the liferaft.
The crew abandoned ship onto a liferaft before the vessel sank at 11.
The terms of the agreement will see VIKING upgrading all of Topaz s current liferafts and manage the current servicing and certification of Topaz s liferaft fleet.
Coastguard teams, an RAF helicopter and a lifeboat rushed to the scene but Andrew, 30, and crewmen Alec Rosie and William Newlands, all of Wick, had already abandoned ship to a liferaft.
Not even a liferaft can save Madonna's latest sinker," it said.
RESCUERS look on helplessly as the wreckage of a fishing boat and a liferaft are washed up on rocks.
Skipper Norrie Macleod, 48, and his two-man crew were plucked from the sea by a rescue chopper as a deadly shark circled their liferaft.
But as Coastguards prepared to fly pumps on to the boat, it began to sink rapidly and the crew launched the liferaft.
A HUSBAND and wife were rescued from a liferaft after their yacht sank in the Irish Sea.