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The Internet of Things has created an entirely new platform for credit unions to offer life insurance products to their members.
* The various distribution channels in the Canadian life insurance segment
On the nbercom website, you can also find information about variable life insurance plans.
But Doug Head, executive director of the Life insurance Settlement Association, said his organization opposes what he called "stranger-initiated" life insurance.
Life insurance products, which like regular life insurance provide tax-free money for beneficiaries upon a policyholder's death, are increasingly included in investors' financial portfolios.
We believe it's time to change the method of accounting for life insurance, and in this article we'll describe an alternative method we think FASB should consider.
Qualifying policies are at least two years old, pay death benefits between $100,000 and $5 million and are issued by a life insurance company with an "A" rating or higher.
The development of such a magic methodology lay in the world of probability theory and the demographic data, which became bedrock to life insurance and life annuities as they evolved during the eighteenth century and after.
Invitations and descriptive literature concerning the life insurance programs were mailed recently to AICPA members.
Due to the number of loans that pass between investors and property owners, "key person" life insurance policies are perhaps the most important in real estate.
But while many CEOs should have life insurance policies, most probably shouldn't own them.
Viatical settlements allow individuals with terminal or chronic illnesses to sell their life insurance policies for cash.
There were some 250,000 life insurance policies signed in Taiwan with the Japanese companies by the end of World War II, but there has been little progress in repayments of premiums or payments of insurance money due to the termination of diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 1972, when Tokyo switched diplomatic ties to the mainland.
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