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an attendant employed at a beach or pool to protect swimmers from accidents

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It is critically important to have a Life guard on duty during operation hours of the pool.
The fact that life guards manned the beaches so as to ensure restriction only recently imposed by the administration on swimming and bathing in sea water did not seem to dampen the spirits of the people.
Specifically, according to the health regulations of public swim ming pools, all hotel and nonhotel complexes with a capacity exceeding 40 accommodation units must have at least one life guard.
A year later, in 2002, Donna founded Life Guard International Air Ambulance.
It will be for the people's good and the area could do with one more life guard tower at least," he said.
On interrogation, the life guard at the beach said while I was on duty I saw a man walking along the beach, and suddenly stopped at the sight of a woman who was swimming in the sea.
He also became a youth leader at the 44th Coventry Scout group and trained as a life guard.
Essam, a 36-year-old professional life guard with a local university, jumped in the sea, saved the boy and performed routine first aid checks before the father took his son to a local hospital.
His appreciation for life is additionally portrayed beyond and outside of the plant realm, by his involvement as both an active Certified Ocean Life Guard and a Certified Life Guard Instructor.
Life Guard Aaron will leave for the frontline early next year.
The National Eye Womens Life Guard Trust (NEWLG TRUST) helps these self-help groups by giving them loans which they can repay in easy installments.
Roosevelt having been arrested in Germany four times in one day when he was fourteen years of age; Ronald Reagan having saved seventy-seven lives when working summers as a life guard, and so many more.
He was a rising star in his peer group and a truly brilliant Life Guard and household cavalryman.
She was also a life guard, and swimming instructor for the City of Worcester and coached for the Auburn Swim Club.
Or, you could become a life guard at the local pool, tutor at an elementary school, babysit your neighbor's twins, coach a little league team, volunteer at the library, or work with a church youth group.