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a candy shaped like a small lifesaver

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Dental gloss Life saver Even Superman wasn't good enough to topple The Greatest as he lost their comic-book scrap in 1978.
Zeke Huish, fundraising manager for Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter (Lismore), said the grant provides the necessary funds to purchase a life raft that will improve the service's ability to respond effectively to missions over water.
"We believe that the Super Life Saver savings account will help people put their financial future first as they rebuild their savings and establish a foundation for the future."
Life Saver bottles cost pounds 195 each allowing up to 4,000 litres of water to be consumed.
Our two top life saver stories will go before a national judging panel.
Co-Proxamol shouldn't be banned - it's a life saver.
Materials: To create simulated Faberge eggs, each student needs egg shells that have had the yolk and white blown out, various sizes and shapes of colored sequins and beads, colored thin fabric ribbon, colored markers, a life saver, and white glue.
1) Distribute a sealed envelope containing one Life Saver to each student.
"Indeed, when management faces the problems of a tight labor market, as they do with the IT labor shortage, networking may be a real life saver."
Since bacterial chromosomes usually come in circles, this theory invokes pictures of stacked loops of DNA, resembling a roll of hard candies, and so has earned the name the Life Saver hypothesis.
A cordless phone can be a real life saver on whatever vehicle you may use around the house.
While Hart Crane's father made the family fortune inventing the candy Life Saver, art became the bitter business of his son.
e I hope he's listening because this could be a life saver.
Sharon Owen, fundraiser for the charity, said: "The Heart Beat Walk is not just a walk in the park, it's a life saver.