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a native or inhabitant of Liechtenstein

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If you exclude the fabulous hordes of retirees who've lately colonised this land's outer reaches, I've undoubtedly encountered more Londoners, Laotians, and Liechtensteiners (to select from just one station of the alphabet) than I have Australians combined.
Population (2009): 35,904, of which 67% are Liechtensteiners, 10.
My point is I actually felt sorry for the Liechtensteiners.
6 Swiss francs to the pound, the Liechtensteiners will bank around pounds 3100 each for a win against Craig Levein's side, half of that sum if they pick up a point.
Craig Bellamy may have looked rusty against the Liechtensteiners, but his pace on the break is one of the only genuine threats we'd have against the Germans.
Liechtensteiners, in a 2003 referendum, gave a two-thirds majority to a new constitution allowing the prince to dismiss the government and veto legislation by the 25-seat parliament.