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a local anesthetic (trade names Lidocaine and Xylocaine) used topically on the skin and mucous membranes

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The presence of lidocaine in the infiltration may lead to serious and even fatal complications.
5 years who were either given oral viscous lidocaine 2% solution for the treatment of mouth pain or had accidental ingestions.
The question of safety is relevant in the case of the Bier block, especially with regard to use of the pneumatic pressure tourniquet, and the use of high dose lidocaine (1.
On the other hand, IV lidocaine resulted in resolution of TdP in our patient.
Lidocaine is infiltrated superficially and forced into the mid and deep sections of the keloid; the underlying and immediate neighboring subcutaneous tissue is treated as well.
The unique study compares electrocardiographic changes in a sedated cardiac patient exposed to oral operation under local anesthesia with lidocaine alone, epinephrine-combined lidocaine and prilocaine with octapressin in the same patient.
Key Words: Cystoscopy, lidocaine, intra-urethral anesthesia, pain reduction, pain lubricating gel.
About a decade ago, some urologists started to prescribe EMLA, a prescription topical anesthetic that achieves a eutectic formula, and somewhat better absorption, with the combination of lidocaine and prilocaine," said Dr.
1989; Ram and Amir, 2006], and is comparable to lidocaine in this respect [Malamed et al.
The researchers concluded that in the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis, epidural injection of glucocorticoids plus lidocaine offered minimal or no short-term benefit compared with epidural injection of lidocaine alone.
Lidocaine hydrochloride and polymer/water solutions were infiltrated in HAp bioceramic scaffolds using the vacuum impregnation technique at 700 mbar pressure for 15 min.
8) Lidocaine is a sodium-channel-blocking drug and an extremely versatile local anesthetic agent which has remained a widely used agent due to its potency, rapid onset and intermediate duration of action.
The lidocaine patch (Lidoderm) is a prescription medication used to treat postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), the nerve-pain that can persist long-term after shingles.
Advocate Al Suwaidi argued before the Cassation Court in courtroom 22: "The forensic doctor who carried out the autopsy confirmed that there was Lidocaine toxicity in the children's bodies.
This study showed that neostigmine 1 mg when added to lidocaine for IVRA produces no advantage in terms of sensory block or quality and duration of postoperative analgesia8.