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a local anesthetic (trade names Lidocaine and Xylocaine) used topically on the skin and mucous membranes

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Lidocaine products are effective and cost friendly, and they may have a superior adhesive profile relative to the generic options, which reportedly have disappointed consumers, he adds.
The side effects appearing after administering lidocaine are the cause of, very often premature, classification of the patient as "allergic" to local anaesthetics, even though there is no evidence in detailed diagnostic examination.
ZTlido (lidocaine topical system 1.8%) uses an advanced adhesion technology, providing more efficient lidocaine delivery than Lidoderm (lidocaine patch 5%) over a full 12 hours.
Biopsy was performed with only rectal gel containing 0.2 g lidocaine for patients in group 1, rectal gel containing lidocaine + periprostatic injection of 2% lidocaine in group 2, and rectal gel containing lidocaine + periprostatic injection of 2% prilocaine in group 3.
The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of 2% lidocaine with epinephrine (1:100,000) and 3% prilocaine with felypressin (0.03 I.U.
Thus, IV lidocaine treatment was planned following hospitalization.
(12) Numerous case series and small RCTs suggest clinical value of various local agents for vulvodynia, including topical capsaicin, (13,14) Botox injections, (15-17) interferon injections, (18-20) topical estrogen, (21) and local anesthetics (e.g., lidocaine).
In our experience, when non-premedicated patients received lidocaine 40 mg IV some of them experienced symptoms of systemic lidocaine which some found unpleasant.
He added, 'When he poured the lidocaine in, I could feel him [the roach] go super, super fast, kicking and trying to dig its way out, and a faint little squeal and then two minutes later, it just stopped and he died.'
Key Words: Maxillary tooth; Lidocaine; Buccal infiltration; Local anesthesia, Pain.
The original topical preparation, CITI-001, was a combination of hydrocortisone acetate and lidocaine hydrochloride.
marketing campaign to reintroduce Doan's, available in caplets and a new 4% lidocaine plus menthol cream formulation.
Clinically, the combined use of lidocaine and ketorolac has been widely administered for postoperative pain release.
Using additives with lidocaine may provide satisfactory anaesthesia and prolong the duration of postoperative analgesia [1].