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Chinese tree cultivated especially in Philippines and India for its edible fruit

Chinese fruit having a thin brittle shell enclosing a sweet jellylike pulp and a single seed

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D's sentence continues in much the same tone: "[??]it he scholde loue god to whom he is liche, for eche thyng loue[??] kendlich [??]at is liche to hym" (fol.
Continuing to tell her story with reference to herself in the third person (as she has from the beginning), she reports that "sche went and ordeynd hir white clothys and was clad al in white, liche as sche was comawndyd for to do yerys beforn in hir sowle be revelacyon, and now it was fulflt in effect" (1852-54).
The Council was represented by Aisha Al Rasasi, Owner of Choco Art; Samia Ataya, Owner of Cat Walk Cow for Healthy Food; and Aisha Al Muhairi, Owner of Liche Sweets.
Die Halligenflora der Nordsee im Liche cyotologischer Forschung.
jede ungluck liche aber ist auf ihre eigene art unglucklich.
The town where the shrine is situated is called "Lichen", not "Liche".
(37) Andre Salmon, La jeune peinture francais, Paris 1912, p 12, 'si les fauves avaient cru a la necessite de proclaimer--serioux comme des gens de letters--un Prince des Ads leurs voix auraient ere probablement a cet Odilon Redon Mais il leur fallait un anciotre vierge, un uncle d'Amorique nOgle blanc, liche de joyaux innombrables enfermes dens leurs gangues' The younger generation admire Rousseau in 'une maniere plus ou moins occulte' Salmon also mentions the plastic similarities between the Douanier'u work and the paintings of Fouquet and Giotto, thus alluding lo western artislic 'primitivism'.
Gorres had commented that nature in this drawing appears apprehensive, "ihr ist, als ob der Unerforsch liche zum Zorne sich bewegen wolie" (12) [she, nature, senses that the inscrutable godhead is about to bestir itself to wrath].
Marchionis de LICHE Mantuae Carpet[anorum], A[nno] 1690 d.
(21) Labitte croit qu'il agit ainsi par pur opportunisme: "C'est que comme un liche, Commolet se laissait tour a tour inspirer par ses haines, quand elles lui paraissaient regagner quelque chanc par ses craintes, quand Henri [V semblait devoir resussir." De la democratie, p.
I far liche a man pat louyth wel hys wyfe, pe mor enuye par men han to hir pe bettyr he wyul arayn hir in despite of hir enmys.
13- NACHWA: Nulle sur toute la ligne, cette pou- liche de 3ans qui ne cesse de cumuler echec apres echec, est en toute logique barree par l'en- semble des concurrents en presence.