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Mansour affirmed that the Sadr disappearance was the subject of "daily" follow-up by Libyan officials, and that the Libyans had tasked the country's Higher Security Committee with pursuing the investigation.
A group of Libyans arrived at the Embassy at Nicosia's Eleftheria Square around noon and the Libyan Ambassador Mustafa Al Mgherby agreed to meet them.
A spokesman for the Libyan embassy in Kuala Lumpur said his ambassador would not resign because he is needed to take care of the interests of some 5,000 Libyans living in Malaysia.
The Libyan Embassy in Riyadh appeared deserted on Tuesday amid speculations that the ambassador, Muhammad Saeed Al-Qashshat, might have resigned in protest against escalating violence against fellow Libyans by Qaddafi's regime.
In February, the embassy started accepting visa applications from Libyan students.
The Libyans were ready to pay--and pay handsomely--to make reparations to the families of those who died.
But while the locals say the Libyans are saving the country from sliding into civil war, Western embassies arc not happy and have, thus, mobilised the local opposition parties and media against the Libyans.
The General People's Congress (GPC) meetings became a forum for Libyans to criticize the regime's economic policies.
Jhinaoui laid emphasis on the need to finish off as soon as possible the political process sponsored by the United Nations, estimating that in default of dialogue and consultation, a settlement of the Libyan crisis cannot be achieved, according to a Foreign Ministry press release Friday.
This came when the Defence Minister met Tuesday at Corinthia Hotel with the visiting Libyan Prime Minister, Abdalla Al-Theni.
The Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights condemned last week the possibility of extraditing the three Libyans, arguing that they will not receive fair trials and their lives may be put at risk.
The addiction or attraction of Libyans to bread is a relatively new one, because historically bread was not a Libyan food staple.
"Tunisia cannot stand at the side of one Libyan protagonist at the expense of the other, given the neighbourhood ties that exist between Libyans and Tunisians," Jhinaoui said.
During the meeting, they discussed ways to resolve the Libyan crisis and help the Libyan people to reach a settlement leading to the completion of the constitutional and electoral entitlements that meets the aspirations of the Libyans.