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a tranquilizer (trade names Librium and Libritabs) used in the treatment of alcoholism

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These impressive clinical findings led to its speedy introduction throughout the world in 1960 under the brand name Librium.
In tapering benzodiazepines, conventional recommendations are to utilize a stable drug such as Librium or phenobarbital.
She was taking the alcohol withdrawal drug Librium.
com, Mitch Winehouse said that the drug Librium had been found in his daughter's body when she died, Contactmusic reported.
Mitch Winehouse told US talk show host Anderson Cooper that traces of the prescription drug Librium - used to fight anxiety and withdrawal symptoms of alcoholism - were found in her body.
manufacturer of amphetamine and other stimulant drugs, and Hoffman LaRoche, the developers and manufacturers of Librium and Valium, based on meetings David Smith had attended with representatives of both companies.
It didn't, though, take a genius s to predict the tumult and any hedge fund managers worth their gilt edge should have invested heavily in shares of Valium, Beta Blockers and Librium, and so it proved.
Michael Buble, as he was known, exercised his vocal chords until his singing was more potent than a double dose of Valium and Librium, or a clonk on the head with a stonking big hammer.
I was given a course of librium at first to get over my drinking and I've never felt so fit.
After the major success of: Miltown, the new class of tranquilizers, benzodiazepines (marketed as Librium and Valium), also helped to expand the tranquilizer market.
The book then follows the development of subsequent medications such as Valium and Librium, exploring issues such as gender differences in medication use, the marketing of these medications, shifting public attitudes toward tranquilizer use during the 1960s and '70s, and the public and political backlash against tranquilizers as their dangerous addictive potential became more widely recognized.
Other drugs known to leach DEHP from PVC tubing are: Etoposide (VePesid), Teniposide (Vumon), Librium, Monistat, Sandimmune, Tacrolimus, Fat Emulsions and Vitamin A.
Not a "me too" drug, Librium was chemically different: benzodiazepine.
Mom lived on Milltown and Librium for the better part of the Kennedy administration, and while Jackie's pillbox hats absorbed a nation, Mom's pillboxes spilled over the kitchen table.
Food and Drug Administration warned the public about "Brazilian diet pills" containing active ingredients of Prozac, Librium and fluxetine HCI, an antidepressant used to treat panic disorder, bulimia and obsessive-compulsive disorder.