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In just the last three weeks, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone all reported incurring a 49 per cent jump in cases.
The United Nations agency said aid partners needed to scale up efforts against Ebola by three- to fourfold in Liberia and elsewhere in West African countries battling the epidemic.
And Hendricks wants to expand further: 'I want to become the largest organic producer in Liberia,' she said.
President of National Association of Women University in Liberia, Dr.
The prize is being awarded to her for serving as an example and inspiration to women in Africa and beyond and for ensuring the return of peace, democracy and development in Liberia.
The project, to be led by Emmet Dennis, president of the University of Liberia, is aimed at rebuilding the impoverished West African country's health care education system.
The agreement also gives European consumers the assurance that wood products imported from Liberia, including furniture and wood chips used for biofuel, are of legal origin.
The company said in a press release, 'Vale's joint venture with BSG Resources entered into an agreement with the government of Liberia setting forth the main terms and conditions to be included in a definitive agreement upon which a Liberian subsidiary of Vale BSGR shall implement an infrastructure project in Liberia comprising principally the development, financing, operation, maintenance and use of a new railway and a new port, whose main purpose will be to enable the transshipment through Liberia and export from Liberia of iron ore products originating in Guinea from Vale BSGR's iron ore projects in the Simandou area.
For Johnson, the project furthers his "commitment of mobilizing resources to aid in [Liberia's] rehabilitation and to signal to the international and local sectors that Liberia is open for business.
In November, IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn announced that sufficient pledges had been obtained to cover the $850 million in arrears Liberia owed to the Fund.
The Government of Liberia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.
Verdier was one of the founders of Green Advocates in Liberia, a public interest law firm that focuses on environmental and human rights issues.
Chairman, now hosts seven of the UN's 16 peacekeeping operations, including the two largest ones, MONUC, and UNMIL in Liberia.
The conflict, which has stretched across four West African states, began in 1989, when warlord Charles Taylor entered Liberia from neighbouring Ivory Coast.