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Synonyms for library

a room where books are kept

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a collection of literary documents or records kept for reference or borrowing

(computing) a collection of standard programs and subroutines that are stored and available for immediate use

a building that houses a collection of books and other materials

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William Lynch, the co-author o/Dennis Brain: A Life in Music (2011), donated his vast and comprehensive collection of Dennis Brain recordings to the Stanford University Libary in 2012.
Marshall Breedi ng is an independent consultant, writer, and frequent Library conference speaker He is the founder of Libary Technology Guides (librarytechnology.
The real Middlesbrough is the burnt out Thorntree Libary, the closed libraries, Grove Hill and Gresham bomb sites, not forgetting the greenfield sites that our 'beloved' council are wanting to build houses on.
Knowing little Hebrew and no Aramaic, I will be reading it in Englishusing the Schottenstein Edition, which I'm accessing through my iPad thanks to Artscroll's Digital Libary app.
Babatunde was amongst five writers who were short-listed for the prize, which was presented at a dinner held at the Bodleian Libary in Oxford on Monday.
Birmingham City Council has dismissed a complaint that it broke procurement rules to award a lucrative cable installation contract for the new Libary of Birmingham to its own IT partner, the Capita-run Service Birmingham.
And now, when the end of the year is coming, "I'm going to really miss the libary (sic) when we don't have school anymore.
Just because Vaynerchuck doesn't care much about production values doesn't mean that Wine Libary TV fails in that department.
Starting tomorrow and running all next week at the Centre for the Child at Birmingham's Central Libary will be the city's first Gigglefest
In its use of the g with the diamond-shaped lobe rather than the flat-topped variant, the Chaucer manuscript is particularly linked to three other members of this group: British Libary Harley MSS 4826 and 1766 and Bodleian Library MS Laud Misc 673.
Before we knew it, the schools of mass communications and libary science and information were merged," and then-Provost Jerry Odom, a chemist, thought having a user manage the information made sense.
Handbook of Plastic Joining: A Practical Guide, Plastic Design Libary, Norwich (1996).
PURPLE REIGN: Lilac variety can be yours Photo: GARDEN PICTURE LIBARY
by James Strachey, Penguin Freud Libary, 11 (London: Penguin, 1991), pp.